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Yoga Leggings & Activewear

The Elements Co. refers to the five classical elements:






These are the basic elements of the universe and all other things in our world are a compound of these five elements. These elements also have meaning of Movement, Change and Development. They are changing, moving, expanding and waning all the time.
The most vital of all is the BALANCE of all five elements. The movement of the five elements are stable and predictable when they are in balance, and vice versa. When you are in a stable, five-element environment and everything is under control, you live peacefully and feel happy, relaxed, lucky and healthy.
Bringing these elements into balance will have you feeling amazing and that is what The Elements Co. aims to be all about.

The team behind The Elements Co. had a dream to create a yoga leggings and active wear that looks good on the outside and makes you feels wonderful on the inside. Each of our pieces has been carefully designed, tested and tried with like minded yogis all around the world. The fabric has been carefully chosen to provide the best yoga wear we possibly can, no matter what shape or size you may be. Every garment is designed in the a beautiful and sunny corner of the world in Byron Bay, Australia.

Whether you are discovering your inner yogi by the seaside, at home or in a inner-city yoga studio, The Elements Co. yoga leggings have your physical and spiritual journey in mind. No matter the position you find yourself in, you will find The Elements Co. style is at one with yours as there are a range of yoga leggings designs to suit your individual yogi spirit.

Join us on this journey and help us spread the yoga love.



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May you be well, May you be happy, May you be free from suffering.