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Vata people require calming and warming yoga practices. Ideally, they should perform sitting postures everyday for increased stability. To calm vata, the practitioner should practice deep breathing, and meditate in these postures as well. Standing poses which strengthen the lower body are also particularly beneficial for vatas. Emphasize those standing poses that build strength, stability and calm.

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Pitta people like to excel and shine at what they do. Cooling yoga practices for the mind and body are best for them. Pitta people are benefited by postures that aim to release tension from the mid- abdomen, the small intestine and the liver – such as cobra pose, boat pose, and fish pose. Forward bends are usually good for pitta because they bring more energy to the mid abdomen, and have a cooling and grounding effect if done in a gentle manner.

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Kapha people usually tend toward a slow, steady and calm pace in life. Flowing yoga practise, continuous movement series are particularly good for kapha. Back bends are also usually beneficial for kaphas because they open the chest and increase circulation to the head, where mucus tends to build up for them, blocking the senses and dulling the mind.

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